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The Vampire Hunter's Journal
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Below are the 3 most recent journal entries recorded in The Vampire Hunter's LiveJournal:

Tuesday, June 19th, 2001
12:36 am
pokey okey
TedEvilDead: what chu want?
TedEvilDead: wanna join a pokemon tourney?
andreia D gusho: nothing
andreia D gusho: nawww im good
andreia D gusho: whats up?
TedEvilDead: un huh

TedEvilDead: timmy hotons
andreia D gusho: ohhh
TedEvilDead: this is like miny gaunlet
andreia D gusho: what?
TedEvilDead: thought you meant minature golf
TedEvilDead: what?
andreia D gusho: i dunno
TedEvilDead: wanna do a puzzle
andreia D gusho: yr crazy
andreia D gusho: sure
TedEvilDead: its called super challenging bavarian castle
TedEvilDead: 836 pieces
TedEvilDead: weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
TedEvilDead: 836 pretzels
andreia D gusho: super
TedEvilDead: have you read sein launguage by jerry seinfeild
andreia D gusho: no
TedEvilDead: (stren robot voice)do you like penciol sharpeners
andreia D gusho: heck yeah
TedEvilDead: (think she knows its not me?)
TedEvilDead: awwwwww ma thats when the diet calls
TedEvilDead: docta fubahhhhhhhhh
andreia D gusho: im taking it this isn't carmen?
TedEvilDead: frankenstein survey
TedEvilDead: dash dash giggle giggle
andreia D gusho: huh?
andreia D gusho: yeah
andreia D gusho: yeah
andreia D gusho: yeah
TedEvilDead: what about the frankenstein picnic
TedEvilDead: slur it
TedEvilDead: whos the thing called evel
andreia D gusho: so who am i talking to by the way? rob?
TedEvilDead: nann
TedEvilDead: orange lazurus
TedEvilDead: 3.5 inches
TedEvilDead: four or five days+67
TedEvilDead: hows auggie makin
andreia D gusho: what?
TedEvilDead: eh eh?
TedEvilDead: robutussy
andreia D gusho: hmm...
TedEvilDead: car wash 5 dollars
andreia D gusho: kool shit dude
TedEvilDead: shit coolness dude?hey you got mutual funds?

TedEvilDead: gum?
TedEvilDead: mirros of plenty
TedEvilDead: at star 3
TedEvilDead: food binges+sex
andreia D gusho: why not?
andreia D gusho: superb sex though
TedEvilDead: crucifictioon,fiire,masturbatshun,etc.
TedEvilDead: fanning the flames of fire
TedEvilDead: francheska fury' its me,bruno pontsjones
andreia D gusho: uhhh. sure thing
TedEvilDead: mr. pickle feather
andreia D gusho: mr. dick feather
TedEvilDead: hey hey chicken sandwich...my wife is olive

TedEvilDead: blacktooth grin square bear
TedEvilDead: eh eh?
andreia D gusho: eh....oi?
TedEvilDead: stuck ion a chair 6 diff ways...mustard dave
TedEvilDead: drink up salamander of nashville
TedEvilDead: oh?
andreia D gusho: hold you head up high...look at the sky whilei stick my penis in your belly button
andreia D gusho: sureee
TedEvilDead: -7...it aint werkin cherry popinsky wiff grapes
TedEvilDead: satans fire boner lives?
andreia D gusho: popinsky wiff berries
andreia D gusho: boner dies
TedEvilDead: gargoyle fire blast chest
andreia D gusho: no
TedEvilDead: no no felony
TedEvilDead: killer upside down sk8 board clown pepsi hairdo boy man masterbater fucker cheese masher potatoe skins no way really?
andreia D gusho: whateva
TedEvilDead: bally gilmack on a cherry picker nose canal dive die in muh basement flux cup 3-d the wicked panda pool shark hurt the innards of mathew lillard in a bath hurricane style con mis teddis y camiseta pero
andreia D gusho: wahhh..i wanna go home
TedEvilDead: then click da heals
andreia D gusho: alrighty
TedEvilDead: donde es tu?
TedEvilDead: where where where?
andreia D gusho: je m'apelle jerkface.
TedEvilDead: no undersdtand when the cows a flyin south on a rainy black hill
TedEvilDead: my parents dont sleep cuz they drink battery acid gotta go byeeeeeeeeee

andreia D gusho: bye
Saturday, March 17th, 2001
2:16 pm
made it to the castle doors today, the zombies almost got me, but luckily i had my flame whip.
Thursday, March 15th, 2001
3:23 pm
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